New Lecturer: Yukie Nagai, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yukie Nagai has been investigating underlying neural mechanisms for social cognitive development by means of computational approaches. She designs neural network models for robots to learn to acquire cognitive functions such as self-other cognition, estimation of others’ intention and emotion, altruism, and so on based on the theory of predictive coding. The simulator reproducing atypical perception in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which has been developed by her group, greatly impacts the society as it enables people with and without ASD to better understand potential causes for social difficulties. She was elected to “30 women in robotics you need to know about” in 2019 and “World’s 50 Most Renowned Women in Robotics” in 2020. She serves as the principal investigator of JST CREST “Cognitive Mirroring” and CREST “Cognitive Feeling” since December 2016 and October 2021, respectively.
She is also a member of International Research Center for Neurointelligence at the University of Tokyo since 2019, and a member of Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center and Forefront Physics and Mathematics Program to Drive Transformation at the University of Tokyo since 2020.